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Body Benefits

What does massage do for you?

The antidote to stress is known as the “relaxation response”, which is triggered by the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system. This action sends messages to the body to relax and slow down, breathe, rest and heal.

Massage triggers the relaxation response which reverses the effect of stress. 
Muscle tension is released, circulation is increased and sensory receptors are activated. Areas of the body that have been cut off by accumulated stress can begin to feel once again. Massage teaches us to tune in to body signals and soothes us at the same time.

​Benefits of massage:

• It stimulates blood and lymphatic systems encouraging the exchange of nutrients and the removal of wastes and bacteria from the body.
• It improves cell metabolism enhancing health throughout the body.
• It reduces muscle tension, relieves swelling, and helps prevent soreness especially after exercise.
• It can help to speed recovery for injured athletes or after surgery by stimulating circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, reducing inflammation and relieving pain.
• It enhances one’s sense of well being on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
• It feels fantastic!!!

Cancelation Policy is 24 hours  from time of service.  We greatly appreciate canceling if you have a fever or have any contagious colds.  If you do not show up we will charge you full price of service missed.