Ellen Collins


I am a former Day Spa owner and have worked in several five Star Resorts & Spas. After working for several years in this atmosphere I decided to return to a more personal approach with my clients.
I have spent several years studying different modalities and utilizing my skills to best serve my client’s wellness needs. I believe that the connection of the mind, body and spirit is an integral part in reducing our levels of stress and maintaining a balanced and healthy life. I have dedicated my life to health and well being.
I have worked with several Olympic Athletes, world class Musicians, Ironmen, Champion Horseman and those suffering from rare illnesses. I have a true passion in eastern philosophy and bodywork including:
-Thai Massage
- Reiki
- Sound Therapy
- Chakra Balancing
- Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Stress reduction massage.                                                                                   

I have been working for over 18 years and received my preliminary training from The Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse NY, earning a New York State License, and board certified. I have furthered my studies in California, Boston, NYC and the South East. I work with the body to relax, rid itself of stress, remove toxins and knots and bring itself into harmony. Our bodies are aware of their natural rhythms' and I strive to create a customized treatment for each individual.

Please experience for yourself the many healing benefits of massage therapy.

I am the sole owner of the only Balancing Energy Table in the US (from Europe).

518-524-0399Please call directly if you need to cancel last minute

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