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 Patrick Butler

 Reiki is done fully clothed, no massage is added to Patrick's treatments. 60,75 or 90 minute sessions.

Patrick Butler- Certified Reiki Master- Usui Method of Natural Healing

 Patrick is a Reiki Master & Law of Attraction Coach, a                              Native of Lake Placid, NY, born and raised.

  Patrick graduated from UNLV (University of Las Vegas, Nevada) in 1988 with a B.S. in Hotel Administration. He went on to work in the family business, for the next 29 years as an expert in hospitality management and director of operations. Patrick began his studies to develop his true calling, in 2011 which included focused intention and the law of attraction. His studies include the works of Kevin Trudeau, Abraham Hicks, Eckart Tolle, Kyle Cease, and Mike Dooley (playing the matrix). Then in 2015 he attended the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio where he studied Heart Hypno Therapy with the Wellness Institute. He went on to create to take life coaching to the next level. In 2016 Patrick began his Reiki training with the Wizard Brett Bevell an author of several books and a teacher at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. In April 2017 Patrick became a Reiki Master. Patrick is an intuitive Reiki Master with a keen sense of people’s higher self. His skill as a light worker is on a higher level of consciousness. As a beacon of light and spiritual well-being people look to Patrick for life changing insight at all levels of the matrix.


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